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Liton Biswas

Hey! I’m Liton – a civil engineer, working on the building construction sector since 2001 including 6 years of experience abroad.

I don’t talk more but listen carefully. When I say something I just say what should be said.

Like most others in the world, I’m just an ordinary man living a simple life.

In this blog, I help you to become an expert in building construction. Get in touch with me…


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Thanks for sharing such valuable information with us. The article will definitely help construction professionals. Keep posting!
Robin Williams
Robin Williams
Thanks a lot for such nice info you wrote, Mr. Liton. I really appreciate the writing style because it feels like someone is trying to teach you as you are in front of him, your writing style is almost as same as a professional motivator.
M. Tahir Iqbal Malik
M. Tahir Iqbal Malik
That’s is an amazing guide. Thank you so much for sharing your helpful information. You guys are doing tremendous.
John Smith

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