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Completion: The 8th Work Phase of a Building Construction, bct9

When I started this tutorial series I had a plan in my mind that I'll describe every point of a residential building construction process from a construction professional's point of view. For that purpose, I first divided the whole construction process into 8 work phases. Each work phase is a summary post of different tasks of a building construction. After that I will go in-depth details of every tasks so that a construction professional, even novice, can understand the complete building construction process easily.

With this post, I have reached the last work phase of building construction. And our last work phase is Completion.

Building construction tutorial

Completion: The 8th Work Phase of a Building construction

Actual building construction ends before this completion phase starts.

When I was in school, teachers alway advice us to finish the writing 20 minutes before the exam ends. So that we can check the exam sheets if there were any mistakes.

Completion of the building construction is like that. And it is done to check if there is anything wrong in that. It also include some important task. If I summarise all it'll look like below -

  • Final Touch
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping and Planting
  • Final Inspection
  • Hand Over

Final Touch

Various works are done in final touch stage. Those are as following -
  • If there is any spot on painting that is repaired.
  • If any cracks found on plaster surface those are repaired.
  • If found broken tiles on any location that is replaced.
  • If any defect found on wooden door that is repaired or replaced.
  • If any defects found on window grill, aluminium or window's glass those are repaired.
  • If there are any leakages on water supply line that should berepaired.
  • If any leakage found on drainage line that is repaired.
  • If any fault found on electrical connection those are repaired.
  • If any problem found on door lock and window lock that is replaced.
See your finished project through home owner's eye and check if there is any fault or defect and repair those. This is called final touch.


During the whole construction process we left many dust, dirt and rubbish in the project. Those are cleaned in this stage. It can include following tasks -
  • Cleaning the dirt from tiles surface which we left during working and walking on those.
  • Cleaning the rubbish which we accumulate during brick work plastering work.
  • Removing shutter materials which you used during construction.
  • Sell wooden, steel and aluminium cut pieces available in the project.
  • Sell paint buckets and others scraps.
  • Clean surrounding of the project.
  • Cleaning also includes removing tools and machine like generator, cutting machine, welding machine, hoist etc.

Landscaping and Planting

In this stage of building construction you have to perform the following tasks -
  • Levelling the surrounding of the project.
  • Paving work arround building.
  • Planting or gardening around building or on roof as instructed by architect.

Final Inspection

In this stage of construction you have to do some tasks with the local government authority and it is the part of handover process. A project manager as a contractor's representative performs following task in this stage -
  • Prepare set of plan known as the "as build plan". As build plan is the plan which shows exactly how the facilities were constructed and they also shows the all changes to the original construction plan. Local building officials will follow this drawing during examining the project.
  • Collecting completion certificate from the government officials. In this process local building officials check the building if it is built as per code. If everything is satisfactory they will give the completion certificate.

Hand over

This is the last stage of building construction. In this stage final cost is prepared for the project. If any payment is pending that is collected from the building owner. And finally all documents is handed over to the owner.

Different country follows different rules and regulations for handing over the projects. So it may differ in your country.

Your Turn
Do you have experience handing over a building project? How did you do that? Please share in comment so that we can get knowledge from that.


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