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Finishing Work in a Building Construction Project, BCT8

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know how I design this building construction tutorial series. There are 8 work phases and finishing work is the 7th work phase of that tutorial series.

Typical finishing work of a building construction includes plastering, tiles work, painting, wooden work, metal work, electrical and sanitary fixture fitting, lift installation etc. etc.

But in this tutorial series there is a masonry work phase which includes plaster work, tiles work etc. So I exclude those items from finishing work phase.

There is also a work phase which is called services work phase. Services work phase includes electrical fixture fitting, sanitary fixture fitting etc. So I excluded those items also from finishing work phase. So the rest of the finishing item are painting work, wooden work, aluminium work and metal work. And these are the work-items of our finishing work phase.

Building construction tutorial, Finishing work

Finishing Work: The 7th Work Phase of Building Construction

Following are the items for finishing work -

  • Painting Work
  • Wooden work
  • Aluminium Work
  • Metal work

Painting work

Paint is done on following surface of the building -

  • Interior wall and ceiling
  • Exterior wall,
  • Metal and 
  • Wooden surface.

Read the following post to know more about the paint.

Types of Paints Used in Building Construction
Types of Paint Finishes

Wooden work

We mostly use wood in building as

  • Door shutter
  • Door frame, etc

Read the following post to know more about wood.
About Wood: All You Need to Know As a Construction Professional

Aluminium work

Aluminium is mostly used in following parts of a building

  • Window
  • Door
  • Curtain wall. Etc

Metal work

The following item of a building we define as metal work in our construction tutorial series -

  • Window Grill
  • Railing
  • Gate, etc

We have discussed 7 work phases of this tutorial series so far. One work phase is left, that is completion. I'll discuss about this within short time. So please subscribe via Email to get that as it happen.

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