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Masonry Work In Building Construction, BCT - 6

We divided our building construction tutorial series into 8 work phases.
Masonry work is the 5th work phase of that series.

First of all, we need to know what is masonry in construction.

What is masonry?
In a simple word, Mortar related works are masonry work. In most of the construction books masonry is described as,

"Masonry is the part of a structure from individual units, which are often laid in and bound together by mortar"
In this tutorial series we describe "masonry work" in a board sense. Such as plaster work, it doesn't involve any individual masonry unit or block. But we included this in the masonry work phase. 

So, masonry work means mortar related work.

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What is mortar?
Mortar is a composition of binding materials, fine aggregate and water. Mortar can be various types. Read the following posts to know more about mortar and their types.
Lets see which work-items is related to mortar.
We found three work items are related to mortar.
Masonry wall work
Plaster work, and
Tiles work
Masonry wall: In building we construct slab on different level that is called floor. We separate this floor into different useable space. Such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, store etc. This is done by masonry wall.
For this purpose, we use masonry blocks or bricks. These blocks or bricks are often laid in or bound together by mortar. The man who involved in this work is called mason.
The quality of masonry wall depends on the quality of masonry block, quality of mortar and quality of workmanship involve in this work.
Different kind of blocks are used to make masonry wall. The most common used blocks are brick and concrete block.
A masonry wall consists of following parts -
Wall opening
Door opening
Window Opening
Lintel, etc
Plaster work: To smoother the rough surface of RCC or brick wall plaster is done. It also increases the aesthetic look of the surface and resist the surface from weathering effect.
We generally use cement-sand mortar for plastering work. The proportion of cement and sand varies from 1:2 to 1:6 depending on the surface condition and purpose of plaster. There are various types of mortar used for plastering on a surface in building construction.
We mainly plaster on two types of surface
RCC surface,
Masonry surface
Read following articles to know more about plaster.
Tiles work: Where there is a possibility to contact wall with water there tiles should be fixed. Other than this we fixed tiles on various place of building to increase its aesthetic look and usability. Mainly we fix tiles on two place. One is on wall and other is on floor.
The tiles which are fixed on wall those are called wall tiles and which are fixed on floor is called floor tiles.
Tiles come in various form, sizes, designs and materials depending on home owner's choice.
The 6th work phase of this building construction tutorial series is "Services Work". That will be published within short time. So keep reading and subscribe our newsletter via Email.


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