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Types of Buildings

"All buildings are structure but all structures aren't building."

Types of buildings can vary depending on locations. In many countries, they have their own category to determine the types of buildings. Here we'll see the types of buildings based on international building code.

Before describing the types of buildings first we should know "what is building?"

Building can be described as "a structure with roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place." - source wikipedia.

Types of Building, Building Types

The purpose of constructing buildings is to live and work comfortably by ensuring following terms - 

  • Shelter people, goods or animal from weathering effect.
  • Providing privacy
  • Providing safety.

Types of Buildings

To fulfill various purposes, buildings are divided as following types by international building code -

1. Assembly Buildings
2. Business Buildings
3. Educational Buildings
4. Factory Buildings
5. Hazardous Building
6. Institutional Buildings
7. Mercantile Buildings
8. Residential Buildings
9. Storage Buildings
10. Utility & Miscellaneous

1. Assembly Buildings

In this type of buildings people gather for some reason. These reasons can be any types. Such as social purpose, religious purpose, patriotic purpose or simply recreation purpose. This types of buildings are -

Cinema hall
Swimming pool
Prayer hall, etc.

2. Business Building 

This type of buildings are used for providing various types of services. Below are this type of buildings -

Dispensaries and clinic
Insurance agencies
Fire station
Police station, etc.

3. Educational Buildings

This type of buildings constructed for various activities in primary, secondary or college level educational system. Example of this type of buildings are -

Training institute, 
Day care centre, etc.

4. Factory Buildings

In this type of buildings, products are assembled or processed or fabricated or repaired. For example -

Gas plant
Power plant
Laundries etc.

5. Hazardous Buildings

This type of buildings are used to produce or storage high flammable or toxic materials (Don't be confused with factory building). Such as fireworks, hydrogen peroxide, cyanide, etc.

6. Institutional Buildings

Although this type of buildings provide facility of sleeping accommodation these are not included in residential buildings. Institutional buildings are those where people are physically unable to leave without assistance.

Followings are the institutional buildings -

Infants care homes
Old homes
Nursing homes
Prisons, etc.

7. Mercantile Buildings

In this type of buildings goods or materials are displayed or sold.

Following are this type of buildings -

Shopping mall
Grocery Store
Departmental store

8. Residential buildings

All those buildings with sleeping accommodation facility are called residential buildings. Following are example of residential buildings -

Private Houses

9. Storage Buildings

This type of buildings are used for storing goods, animals or vehicles. The storage materials should not be hazardous. Such types of buildings are -

Cold storage
Transit sheds
Perkings, etc

10. Utility and miscellaneous

Good example of this type of buildings are

Water tower
Barns, etc

It's your turn
Is there any building that, you think, should not be under these types of buildings? Share your opinion in comments below....


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