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Preparation for Constructing RCC Slab

In building, slab is a major component of super structure. When you decide to make a Rcc slab, you should take some preparation. Such as -

Shutter: what kind of shutter materials you will use?

There are several types of shutter materials you can use to support amature concrete. Popular shutter materials for slab are, wooden plank, bamboo, plywood, scaffolding, steel shutter, shutter grill, ms hollow box, plain sheet etc. Decide which type of shutter materials you will use for you slab. Estimate how much do you need. Order them first.

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Rcc slab, slab shuttering,

Steel bars: Steel is the backbone of rcc. Estimate the required quantity of steel bar for slab and beam. It'll take some time to estimate. But estimate carefully, otherwise, it'll cost you more.

Concrete: Two types of concrete mixing are used to cast slab: Ready-mix concrete and machine-mix concrete. Hand-mix concrete are rarely used in slab casting.

Decide first which concrete mix you'll use to cast your slab. If you choose to use ready-mix concrete then choose the quality readymix supplier. If you want to use machine-mix concrete then you need coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and cement. You also need a mixture machine and a vibrator. If you don't have, you can hire them.

Estimate the required quantity of concrete ingredients and order for them. You also need fresh drinking water for concrete mixing. make sure the availability of that.

Electrical: now a days, concealed electrical wiring are usedeverywhere. So, you need to lay electrical pipe in the slab before casting. Estimate the required quantity of electrical pipe. If you don't know how to estimate that you can consult with an electrical engineer. Order for the required pipes.

Sanitary: study the "sanitary and plumbing drawing" for the layout of drainage system of toilets and rainwater. You can put the pipes for drainage system before casting or you can make hole later for that purpose. But it is better to put pipes before casting slab than make hole later.

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So far your preparation is done properly. Now you can proceed to construct a RCC slab.


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