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5 Things to Consider Choosing a Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

You decided to cast your RCC members with "ready-made" concrete. Ready-made concrete is always called "ready mix" concrete. There are many reasons to choose ready mix concrete over machine mix concrete. That is another topic.

When you choose ready mix concrete as your option, the frist step is to select a supplier who will meet your requirements. This is not so easy as we think. There are many reasons to consider when choosing a ready mix supplier.

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Things to consider to choose ready mix concrete supplier -

1. Distance: The american concrete institute suggests that concrete must ba discharged within one and half hours of being batched. So, the further the distance of plant from your construction site the higher the chance of delay. It'll also increase transportation cost. So select the plant as nearest as possible. You can ask some ready mix supplier to suggest a nearest one.

2. Experience & reputation: Always choose a supplier that has experience and a reputation in this sector. Conduct a little survey, ask someone who has experience in this field to suggest a reputed supplier for you.

3. Service quality: Even some inexperienced suppliers may have experienced professionals. They may serve you better. But, sometimes experienced and reputed supplier may provide you inexperienced professionals. So discuss with them and ask them to provide experienced professions so that you can pour concrete smoothly. Otherwise, it'll take long to finish your casting. As a result, project cost will increase.

4. Truck number & sizes: Before choosing supplier, know about their the truck numbers and sizes. Because if their truck sizes are big and your project is located on narrow road side then there'll be hassle to reach the truck. On the contrary, if your job site is located on bigger road side and the company has small trucks then it'll take time to finish your casting. Similarly, Number of available trucks also affect the casting time. So choose carefully that suits you best.
You can invite supplier's representative to visit your job-site for this purpose.

5. Take a visit to plant: Last but not least, you should have a visit to ready mix plant to justify the concrete ingredients the supplier will supply  you.

If everything is perfect as you want, you may now process an order for ready mix concrete with the supplier.

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