Components of Superstructure of a Building BCT-5

I have seen many times in various question and answer website that a similar question asked repeatedly. That is "what is the superstructure?".

what is the superstructure?

As described in Dictionary, "Superstructure is the part of a building or construction entirely above its foundation or basement".

From the universal point of view, the definition is true.

From the civil engineers point of view, the superstructure is "the structure which is built on substructure".

That means, we can say, the structure built above plinth is the superstructure.

What is plinth?

Plinth is a layer of cement-sand mortar which sits in between substructure and superstructure to prevent ground floor dampness.

So far We have learnt what the superstructure is. Now we will figure out what are the components of the superstructure.

Consonants of superstructure

The components of superstructure are -
  • Column
  • Wall
  • Beam and Slab

Column: Columns that are built above ground-level are considered as the part of the superstructure.

Column can be two types based on their using purpose. Architectural and Structural.

Architectural column doesn't carry any vertical loads. It is just utilised to increase the aesthetic look of a structure.

On the other hand, structural columns are used to carry the loads to downward.

Sometimes structural column is decorated to give a structure an aesthetic look. That time it also acts as an architectural column.

Different types of materials are used to construct columns of a structure. The most common material is "reinforced cement concrete". Because it is economical and easy to form.

Wall: Wall can be a part of a superstructure. We are talking about structural walls here which carry the loads of structural parts. Such as a shear wall. Masonry wall can also be a part of a superstructure when it carries the structural loads.

Many of us consider masonry wall as a part of the superstructure. But I included them in the masonry work phase in this tutorial series. Because, it doesn't carry any structural loads.

Beam & Slab: To make the structure as useable space it's divided by slabs at different level.

Beam transfer the load coming from slab to column.

Read more: Types of RCC Beam

Both beam and slab are horizontal member which can be constructed with different kinds of materials.  But the most commonly used material is Reinforced cement concrete.


  1. kindly distinguish the simply supported beams and other beams.
    how to identity them.

  2. simply supported beams are those beams which are having hinged or pinned support at one end and roller rupport on the other end

    1. simply supported beam are those beam which is fixed by both ends

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