Step by Step Building Construction Tutorial Series, BCT-1

I've searched many times in google if I find complete "Building Construction Tutorial" step by step. But I haven't.

When a student study in college curriculum, he/she doesn't have much knowledge about practical construction procedure. Because, theoretical knowledge is much more different from practical knowledge.

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In construction field you'll have to solve many problems which you'll not find in books of college curriculum. So, as I promised before, I've decided to publish complete building construction tutorial step by step from starting to completing a project.

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Planning and designing of building:
Construction of a building start with choosing a land. When someone decides to build a building on a plot, he/she just contact with consultant and give brief description of his/her plot. Consultant then visits the plot and employ an architect to make plans for the building.

Architect visits the plot before making plan for the building. Then he/she makes plan by mixing his/her creativity with landowner's requirements also by not avoiding the rules and regulation of related governmental authorities. After that the building-plan is revised several times before submitting to government-authority for approval. After making necessary changes suggested by approval authority the building-plan is finally approved.

The purpose of this tutorial series is not explaining the planning and designing process of a building. I just briefly describing the process so that you can easily understand the process before starting construction phase.

Now come to the point where we left.

After getting approval for building-plan, the consultant then go through the soil investigation process to know the soil condition of the plot. Based on this soil investigation report, the structural engineer designs the building.

When the design is ready and approved, it is sent for construction.

Construction needs a complete set of drawings which includes structural drawings, architectural drawings and services drawings.

See: Types of Drawing in building Construction

A contractor or construction department then employ his construction team to complete the project.

See: Construction Project Management Team

Project management team then plans how to start the project and makes schedule for every work-phase for completing the project.

Dear readers, I've started this tutorial series to help you understand the complete building construction process step by step from my practical experience as well as from my educational knowledge. If you have any suggestion to share I'll be glad to hear from you.

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