8 Work-Phase of a Building Construction Project, BCT-2

In the previous post of this "building construction tutorial series" I briefly discussed about soil investigation, structural designing and planning of a building. After successfully completing that process, a contractor is selected by bidding process for constructing the building and a complete set of drawing is handed over to the contractor.

Here some things should be explained so that you can understand the process clearly.

Some construction company buy land and employ consultant to design and make plan for the building. This type of company doesn't need to go through the bidding process for selecting contractor (direct contractor). They generally employ sub-contractors for various work phase. They normally manage the project by their own project management team.

But when you are making your own building you have to employ contractor to complete the project because you don't have construction instrument and project management team. You just finance the project, the rest will be done by contractor.

The above explanation doesn't need to include in this tutorial. Because, I started this tutorial for construction professionals. I described this so that beginners can understand the whole process well.

Now our actual tutorial is started from here.

After taking building permission for starting construction from government authority you can proceed.

building construction tutorial

8 Work-Phase of a Building Construction

Whatever you call these phases, construction-phase or work-phase, a typical building construction involves following sequence of work-phase -

  1. Mobilization
  2. Ground work
  3. Sub-Structure work
  4. Super Structure work
  5. Masonry work
  6. Services work
  7. Finishing work, and
  8. Completion.

1. Mobilization: Mobilization is the process of making ready the plot for starting construction. It includes making fence all around the plot, making labour shed, ensuring services facilities, transferring construction tools and equipments to the plot, etc.

Read more: 
Important Tasks of Construction Mobilization, BCT-3.

7 Preliminary Works to Do Before Starting a Construction Project

2. Ground work: Ground work includes cleaning the plot, levelling ground, bench-marking etc.

See: 6 Ground Work to Prepare a Land for Building Construction

3. Sub-Structure: Parts of structure which are contacted with earth is called sub-structure. Such as -

  • Foundation
  • Short Column
  • Grade Beam
  • Ground Floor, etc.
To know more details about substructure see Components of Substructure of a Building, BCT4.

4. Super Structure: The parts of structure above ground is the super structure. Such as -

  • Column
  • Slab and Beam
  • Staircase
  • Parapet, etc.

Read Components of Superstructure of a Building, BCT5 to know details about Superstructure.

5. Masonry work: Masonry work includes -
  • Masonry wall work
  • Plaster work, and
  • Tile work, etc.

6. Services work: Services works are -

  • Mechanical work
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work, etc.
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MEP: The Services Work in Construction, bct-7
7. Finishing work: Typical finishing works in a building are -

  • Painting work,
  • Wooden work,
  • Aluminium work,
  • Metal work, etc.
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Finishing Work in a Building Construction Project, BCT8

8. Completion: This is the last stage of construction of a project. This includes -

  • Final touch
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping and Plating
  • Final inspection, and
  • Handover.
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The above discussed "8 work-phase" are the typical stages for completely constructing a building. I designed this "building construction tutorial series" based on those "8 work-phase".

As every work-phase contains several other work-items, I'll discuss every work-item separately in this tutorial series. So, please subscribe to ACE via EMAIL to get update when it happens.

Read previous post of this "building construction tutorial series" here.

Your Turn
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