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Important Tasks of Construction Mobilization, BCT-3

Dear readers I'm extremely sorry for not publishing posts in this "building construction tutorial series" for long. I was busy in some personal projects.

In previous post of this building construction tutorial series, we divided complete building construction works into 8 work-phases. In this post we are going to discuss the first phase of building construction that is mobilization.

Mobilization is the preliminary works of any construction project. In a board sense, construction mobilization refers to the processes and tasks that are undertaken before the actual groundwork begins. It needs the following important tasks to be performed -

  1. Temporary Fencing
  2. Labor shed making
  3. Power connection
  4. Water supply and Sanitation
  5. Site Office
  6. Storage
  7. Gathering tools and machineries
  8. Construction documents
  9. Other tasks, etc.

1. Temporary Fencing: The first task of starting construction project is to make fence all around the plot. It secures the plot. You can use signboard, banner, safety instruction, etc on this fence.

building construction tutorial, mobilization

2. Labor shed making: It is now common practice that labors who work on construction project stay in that project. So, it's essential to make a labor shed in the project. Choose a location carefully to make shed so that it doesn't hamper foundation work. Some big companies have permanent labor shed. So they don't need to make temporary labor shed on plot.

3. Power connection: For a construction project you must need continue power supply. So apply for power connection from electrical authority or arrange a generator to fulfill your need.

4. Water supply and Sanitation: As your workers will stay in project you will need pure drinking water and sanitation system for them. Pure drinking water also need for construction works. So, apply for water supply connection from national water supply authority or set a deep tubewell.

5. Site Office: Ofcourse, a project management team will work during the construction period of the project, there will be held meetings among clients, owners, contractors, sub-contractors and stackholders. For them you'll need a site office with proper sanitation and water supply facilities.

6. Storage: For storing building materials, construction equipments and tools you'll need a storage with lock and key.

7. Gathering tools and machineries: Gather necessary tools and equipments on project for construction works

8. Construction documents: Copies of all legal documents such as building permission, electricity, water and gas connection permissions from concerned authority, etc should be arranged and kept in project.

9. Other tasks: Keeping safe the passerby as well as the workers and stuffs from accident providing safety signboard is also included in mobilization. Arranging first-aid box and fire fighting equipments should be included in mobilization.

Sometimes cleaning and levelling the ground are included in mobilization phase of construction. I included those in ground-work phase.

This is the summary post of tasks of the mobilization phase. Some of these tasks need further explanation. I'll describe those in future posts.

Your Turn
Do you want to add any other task/tasks in mobilization phase of construction? Please share in comment...

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