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Essential Safety for a Building Construction Site

We often see news about construction-accidents in newspaper. Some accidents are happened due to design faulty, some are for construction faulty and some are for the lack of safety measures in construction site.

Now-a-days, "Safety First" has become a slogan in construction industry. Because more construction accidents happen due to lack of construction-safety than other reasons. In the high-rise building construction the situation is more worst. So, in this post I will share the essential safety measures for building construction.
construction safety

Following are the essential safety measure for a building construction project -
  • Safety Signboard
  • Safety tray
  • Individual safety
  • Void area safety
  • Fire safety


Safety Signboard

You might have seen various signboards inside and outside of a construction project. Those are safety signboards.

Signboards can contain symbol/sign or tagline or both. These are placed in two locations - outside of project and inside of project.

Taglines used in outer signboard are -
  • Be careful, construction is going on
  • No Parking
  • Sidewalk, etc.

Inside signboard can have the following tagline -
  • No Smoking area
  • Be careful, void ahead
  • Danger (on electrical board) etc.

Safety tray

After casting a floor slab, the edges of its totally unsecure. We make columns and continue the curing process on that slab. During this work process anyone can fall down accidentally. Moreover, we have to move shuttering materials and building materials on that unsecured floor. So, anytime anything can fall down and hurt passers-by.

To protect these it is essential to make safety tray all around the building on every 3 floor.
Safety tray is made with CI Sheet and MS Angle. The width of safety tray is generally made 8 feet width.

Individual safety

Safety helmet, safety belt, safety shoes, safety goggles, hand gloves, etc are individual safety equipments.

Workers should wear helmet during removing beam or slab shutter or when needed.
If workers are working on outside maccha or anywhere where there is a possibility to fall down, they must wear safety belt.

Every construction workers should wear safety shoes.

During welding work worker must wear safety goggles.

Workers also wear hand gloves when they need to do that.

Void area safety

There may have many voids in a building. Such as lift void, sanitary duct voids, electrical voids, and other architectural voids. These voids should be secured by making temporary masonry wall.

Fire safety

Fire is a major factor for construction accidents. Control smoking inside project strictly. This is the major cause for fire. Hang on "no smoking" signboard where needed. Keep a bucket of sand and a bucket of water ready for emergency. And also keep a fire extinguisher in project.

Special situation demands special safety measure. Such as when you work with brand, hoist and any other heavy equipments and machineries, check them if they are safe for work. If you are going to work inside underground water tank, check first that enough air flow is available there.

Keep a first aid box in project to treat preliminary accidental injuries.

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