Essential Team Members for Construction Project Management

In a construction project, small or big, there are many issues involved during the lifetime of project. Such as -
  • Contractor/Sub-contractor issue
  • Quality issue
  • Costing issue
  • Material issue, and
  • Safety and security issue, etc.

To handle and organise all these issues we need a strong and balanced management team in a construction project. This team should have following members.

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Essential team members for construction project management -
  • Project Manager,
  • Project Engineer,
  • Site Engineer/Supervisor,
  • Store Officer, and
  • Security Guards.

Project Manager: He is the leader of the team. He arranges and employs contractors/sub-contractors and prepare work-orders. Project manager is also responsible to train-up and motivate his team members, Mitigate any internal, governmental and local disputes which can hamper the progress of project.

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Project Engineer: A project manager not only controls one project he also controls several other projects. But a project engineer controls only one project. He resolves internal issues, motivate and train-up team members and follow up them and reports project manager time to time and operate the project as directed by project manager.

Site Engineer/Supervisor: Site engineer or supervisor guides contractors/sub-contractors, supervise the works, makes requisitions for required materials to smoothly operate the construction works and controls the quality of works. Site engineer also ensures the safety of project.

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Store Officer: Store keeper controls store. He receives materials, maintains stock-registers and reports about materials stock to project engineer time to time. It is store officer's responsibility to deliver the required materials to the project on due time. In some construction companies he also handles the purchase related tasks.

Security Guard: Most important person of a construction project. Security guard should be honest and sincere. Because, when no one is in the project, it is guards responsiblity to protect the project from any unwanted activities.

Actually, security guard is not judged as management team member. I included them in project management team because most of the time they works as a helping hand of project management team.

If the project is very big then several other members are included in project management team. Such as, Deputy Project Engineer, Quality Engineer, Safety Engineer etc.

Do you have a member in your project management team which I've not included here? Please share in comments...