How to Fix Wooden Door Frame with RCC Member?

Wooden doors are common item in building construction. Sometimes we also use partex door, plastic door etc. Some doors don't need to break wall to fix. Those are fixed with glue or some other ways. But fixing wooden door frame need to break wall.

Wooden doors are fixed in two steps. First door frame is fixed before plaster works. Secondly, door shutter is fixed after completing inside painting works.

In this article, we are talking about fixing wooden door frame.

We keep the door opening during making masonry wall as shown in architectural drawing. When both sides of door opening (it is also called jamb) are masonry wall then we won't have any difficulties to fix wooden door frame. Because, masonry units can be broken easily. But sometimes we found that one jamb is masonry wall and other jamb is RCC member or both jambs are RCC member.

In this situation we have some difficulties because we can't break RCC column like masonry wall. It is also prohibited by ACI code to break any kinds of RCC members.

Then how do we fix wooden door frame with RCC wall or column?

fixing wooden door frame with RCC

Things we'll need:
  • MS Clamp
  • Screw or Nail
  • Hammer
  • 10 mm diameter bar
  • Drill Machine
  • Welding machine, and
  • Gum.

Fixing frame:
The procedure of fixing wooden door frame with RCC member is same as fixing frame with masonry wall. Only one difference is that we can't break RCC member like masonry block.

Step by step process:
To fix wooden door frame follow the following procedure -
  • Fix the MS clamp with door frame. You can use screw or nail to fix clamp. I'll suggest to use screw instead of nail. Insert the screw into frame by hammering. Fix minimum three clamp in a jamb (one side of frame). Do the same for both jambs.

  • To fix clamp with RCC member, first align the clamp with RCC member as shown in the image.

  • Now make 10 mm diameter hole to RCC member in both sides of clamp with the help of drill machine.

  • Insert 10 mm dia bars into holes. Before inserting bar apply gum on it or into hole so that the bar doesn't come out from the hole later.

  • Weld the bars with clamp.

In the image above I showed a wooden door frame which is positioned at the end of RCC column. So we used 90 degree clamp. But if the frame is positioned at the middle of RCC member then we have to use straight MS clamp.

If you have any question or suggestion about fixing wooden door frame with RCC member then please share in comments...


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    I have one question of fixing door/window frames. Is it advisable to fix the frames before lintel construction or leave a gap and construct it post curing and before plastering.


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