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Terms Used in Masonry Construction

Masonry, the mostly used term in civil construction sector. Although common use of masonry is as building wall, it is also used in some other places. Such as garden wall, floor, drive way, patio, foundation etc.

In masonry construction, we often use some terms. Construction related professionals should know those terms properly to smoothly operate the work.

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Terms commonly used in masonry construction are described below -

Masonry work: Works that are executed with masonry materials is the masonry work. Most commonly used masonry materials are brick, concrete block and stone. Beside these, there are some other masonry materials - glass block, terra cotta, structural clay tile etc.

Veneer: When masonry is used on nonmasonry wall as a facing material that is called veneer. Veneer is normally one unit in thickness.

Wythe: One unit thick vertical masonry wall is called wythe.

Single-wythe wall: Masonry wall can be one unit or more in thickness. Single-wythe wall means it'll be only one unit in thickness and it won't be anchored with backing wall.

Double-wythe wall: If the walls are two units in thickness that is called double-wythe wall.

Collar joint: Double-wythe wall contains a gap between wythes. This gap is normally filled with cement-mortar. If the thickness of gap is less than one inch that is called collar joint.

Cavity and Cavity wall: If the thickness of gap between wythes is wider than one inch that is called cavity. Using steel reinforcement is must if the cavity is filled with cement-mortar. Cavity can also be left unfilled.

If the cavity is left unfilled of a double-wythe wall that is called cavity wall.

Bat/batt: Half or smaller piece of a full size masonry block is called bat/batt.

Bed joint: Horizontal joint of a masonry wall is the bed joint.

Buttering: Buttering means placing mortar on masonry block with trowel.

Closure: Closure is the small piece of masonry block used at the end of masonry wall to maintain bond pattern.

Grout: A liquid mix of cementitious material, fine aggregate and water.

Jamb: Vertical sides of masonry wall opening is called jamb. Such as both sides of window and door openings.

I included standard terms used in masonry construction in this post. There are also many other terms locally used in masonry construction at different location of the world.

Do you know any other terms used in masonry construction? Please share in the comments...


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