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How To Make Masonry Wall On A Building Floor

In building, we make masonry wall to divide the floor area to many separated useful parts. Such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen etc.

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How To Make Masonry Wall

We generally use bricks to make masonry wall in our building. The common size of brick is 9½" x 4½" x 2¾".

To produce quality masonry wall we follow the following procedures -

Brick quality: When we receive bricks on construction site we first check the quality of bricks.

6 requirements of good quality bricks.

Quality assessment of some building materials on site.

Soaking bricks: Before executing any brick work, we soak them in fresh water for 12 hours. For that purpose, we make a water tank on every floor of a building. This tank is made with brick masonry wall.

Brick wall layout: First we make the brick layout on floor as shown in architectural drawing. Then we invite flat's client to visit his flat and make decision if he wants to change room's size or location of wall. As per his decision we then make necessary changes and finalize the brick layout.

Making cement mortar: We make cement-mortar by mixing cement and sand with specified ratio. Normally we use 1:4 ratio for 5" thick brick wall and 1:6 ratio for 10" thick brick wall.

Making wall: We take bricks out of water tank even before mixing mortar to sweep out water from bricks. Then we start making brick wall putting bricks one after another. During brick wall work we carefully check the door and window location from the drawing and Make the wall-openings for door and window in brick wall.

Checklist for masonry work.

Brick bond pattern: We normally use english bond pattern for making brick wall. (See: Traditional brick bond patterns used in masonry wall construction).

Brick joint: We make brick masonry wall by jointing one another with cement mortar. We keep the joint thickness normally ½". When we joint bricks with RCC beam/column, we first chip those RCC members properly. We specially take care to fill the joint between beam and masonry wall. Because most of the cracks on plaster form in this joint.

Curing: We cure the brick masonry wall for minimum 14 days and don't do any other works on masonry wall within this curing period because it can weaken mortar joints.

Methods of curing.

It is better to use plastic mesh on joint between RCC member and masonry wall to prevent cracks. It is also suggested in many masonry construction books to use wire mesh (GI or plastic) in every three layers in a brick masonry wall.

What size of bricks do you use for making masonry wall?

Do you use wire mesh in every three layers of a masonry wall?

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