A Checklist for Quality Plaster Work, Last Part

I tried to keep this plaster work checklist within two posts. But when I start to write it's been too long. So I made the checklist to three parts. This is the 3rd and last part.

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Plaster work checklist for civil construction

"A Checklist for Quality Plaster Work" - Last Part

Smoothness of plaster surface: after plastering check the smoothness of plaster surface. If you plan to fix tiles on plaster then make it scratched.

Level of plaster: check the level of plaster with an aluminium bar. If you need you can use torch light.

Reduce mortar wastage: During plaster work some mortar can be fallen down. To collect them, lay empty cement bag or polythene sheet below. So that you can reuse fallen mortar. These should be collected and reuse every 30 minutes.

Sharpness of Edges and corners: Check all edges and corners are sharp and straight.

Groove and other design work: Check the drawing if there is any groove work or design work on plaster surface. Make the grooving sharp and straight.

Window border: Check the window border with plumb bob or spirit level that those are straight. Check the sharpness of window-opening edges. Check the borders are in right angle.

Window sill: Check the window sill is plain and even.

Water proofing admixture: During outside plastering, make sure water proofing agent is mixed with mortar.

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Safety measure: Safety is an important factor in any construction work.  For plastering works following safety measures should be checked -

Strength of scaffolding: During plastering on ceiling and outside, we make scaffolding to stand on. Check the scaffolding is properly made and tied - specially in outside.

Wearing helmet: During outside plastering, check all masons and helpers are wearing helmet.

Electrical wiring: During plastering inside building, we most often use temporary electrical connections for lighting. Check all electrical wire runs above floor level and wires are well insulated. And lights should be hanged on dry wood or bamboo.

I think, I covered every check points of plaster work in this checklist. If I missed anything, please let me know through commenting.

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  1. How much cement , sand and water require for 12mm thickness plaster in a specific ration...shoow the manual calculation of plaster work