6 Ground Works to Prepare a Land for Building Construction

We build our building on a firm ground. We build our building on our land (not on others). We build our building such a way that it'll resist pests. We build our building on the right spot so that it doesn't avoid side-back rules of government or legal authorities.

To ensure all these things we need to do the following 6 ground works even before starting construction.

6 Ground Works to Prepare a Land for Building Construction

  1. Geotechnical investigation
  2. Surveying
  3. Earthwork cutting/filling
  4. Site Cleaning
  5. Pest controlling
  6. Grading and Levelling site

1. Geotechnical investigation: Geotechnical investigation is done to determine the reactivity of soil as well as physical and chemical properties of soil. This investigation is done even before preparing the plan of building. Based on the soil investigation, a geotechnical report is prepared by geotechnical engineers. Geotechnical engineers then design the foundation of building based on this reports.

2. Surveying: Surveying is done to accurately mark-out the boundaries of a land to avoid future legal-dispute after construction begins. It also helps to set-out the building-plan on land exactly where it should be.

3. Earth cutting/filling: To make uneven surface of ground even earth cutting/filling is done. If the surface is above from desired level then earth cutting is done and if the surface is below the desired level then earth filling is done.

4. Site Cleaning: This work involves removing tree roots and other organic matters from construction site. This is very important as tree roots and other organic matters can cause the future settling of earth which will cause for your structure damage.

5. Termite treatment: Not all construction sites require termite treatment. It needs only where there is a possibility of termite attack to a building. This work involves applying termite barrier chemical on ground.

6. Grading and Levelling site: Grading is done to prevent water flowing towards the foundation of building. This is done by making a grade slope away from the foundation of the building.

Levelling is done to make the base of foundation level. Don't be confused with earth cutting and filling. Earth cutting/filling isn't done for levelling purpose. That's done to make the ground surface even.

When you decide to make a building/house on a land, you must go through the ground works discussed above to ensure your building's sustainability.


Do you need termite treatment in your area?

If yes then which chemical do you use for that?

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