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8 Things to Avoid in Workplace as a Civil Engineer

You have a vast knowledge about civil engineering. You can solve any difficult engineering problem in no time. But if you don't follow some etiquette in work place, you will be stuck in some points.

In this post, I'll discuss 8 things to avoid in workplace. These rules are not only applicable for civil engineers but also for any general professionals.

Below are the list of 8 things which can hamper your professional career -

  1. Improper attitude
  2. Being late
  3. Being lazy
  4. Weak handshake
  5. Improper introduction
  6. Not answering call/email
  7. Not being professional in meeting
  8. Not maintaining courtesy in work place

1. Improper attitude: Improper attitude will make bad impression about you. Make good impression in workplace. How? When you talk with people in office, stand straight, make an eye contact, listen carefully and reply positively.

2. Being late: I'm a sufferer of this. Once I've been fired from a company for this. I've learnt the lesson from that. So, don't be late at office. It'll harm your career.

3. Being lazy: Don't be lazy in workplace. Whatever you have to do, do that better and go beyond that. Do actively. One of the worst thing of being lazy is, you will feel sleepy. That'll destroy your workability.

4. Weak handshake: When I shake someone's hand, if he doesn't hold my hand firmly, I feel I'm shaking a dead man's hand. Seriously. You also must do. On the other hand, if you hold someone's hand firmly, he'll feel honoured, and it let him feels-you are an active man. It also shows your communication skills. So, when you hold someone's hand hold that firmly with active hand. Never shake hand with both hands. It shows your lack of confidence.

5. Improper introduction: I don't know it's written in somewhere as a rule of introduction. But there is a rule to introduce someone to someone. The rule is, introduce junior first and then senior. For example; "hey mr. B, this is mr. A, junior executive recently joined in sales department. And this is mr. B (turning to mr. A), experienced manager of our sales department."

6. Not answering call/email: Not answering your colleague's or client's call will hamper your career. If you can't answer phone call or email at that moment, try to reply within 24 hours.

7. Not being professional in meeting: When you attend in a meeting, try to be professional by following some rules. Such as -

Turn your phone on vibrate mood

Don't answer any phone call, send a pre-written message that you are at meeting

Give full attention to speaker

Try to add some values by contributing related topics, etc.

8. Not maintaining courtesy in work place: If you don't maintain generall courtesy in your workplace, your career will be sucked at some points. Such as -

If you need to enter someone's desk first knock or ask permission. No matter whoever, junior or senior.

Don't just start your topic when someone in the middle of conversation. Wait untill he finishes.

Those are the common things. There are also some other things to be avoided in a particular situation. Just apply your common sense, no doubt, your career will be bright.


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