Checklist for RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) Work

Concrete is strong in compression but relatively weak in tension. To make a concrete structure strong in both compression and tension, steel is used inside it. That is called reinforced cement concrete (RCC).

To make a RCC member perfect as designed, we should conduct several checking during constructing.

Checklist for reinforeced cement concrete work

Checklist for Reinforced Cement Works

Making RCC members involve several stages of work. Checking is also done in several stages.
RCC checking stages are -

  • Formwork checking
  • Reinforcement checking
  • Pre-Concreting checking
  • Checking during concreting
  • Post-concreting checking.

Formwork Checking:
The following checking should be done for formwork of RCC -

* Check the Formwork is properly aligned.

* Check it is cleaned.

* Check it is oiled (if steel formwork)

* Check inner face of formwork is smooth (if wooden formwork).

* Check if the formwork is water-tight.

* Check supports are properly placed and fixed.

* Check width and depth/height of formwork.

* Check thin metal sheets are provided along joints of wooden formwork.

* Check foam is provided along the joint of steel formwork.

Reinforcement checking:
* Check steel are placed as per drawing.

* Check rebars are straight.

* Check the dia of rebar.

* Check spacing of rebar.

* Check hooks and bends are placed as specified by structural designer.

* Check the lap length is accurate.

* Check the clear cover.

* Check cover blocks are enough.

* Check the rebars are rust free.

* Check the rebars are crack free.

* Check minimum 1 inch clear distance is maintained between two bars.

* Check the rods are tied properly with binding wire.

Pre-Concreting checking:
* Check all required materials and tools are available at site.

* If you plan to pour concrete at night, check required lighting arrangement is available.

* Check all service line (electrical, sanitary and plumbing, etc.) which go through the RCC member are properly done.

* Check formwork supports again that those are intact and not displaced.

Checking during concreting:
* Check slump for every 20 cubic meter of concrete.

* Check concrete cubes/cylinder are made for testing.

* Check concrete is collected from 3 or 4 random mixes for making concrete cube/cylinder.

* Check two carpenters are available at shuttering area to take immediate action if anything happens during pouring.

* Check concrete isn't being dropped from more than 5' height.

* Check vibrating is being done properly.

* Check the level of concrete surface.

* Check the finishing of concrete surface.

Post-concreting checking:
* Check curing is being done properly.

* Check formwork removal duration is followed properly.

* Test the cubes/cylinders. If test result is not satisfied, the structure should be broken.

This is the common checklist for RCC work. Particular RCC structure requires specific checking. Such as, for column formwork checking, you have to check diagonal measurement.

I think, everything is covered in this checklist. If I have missed anything, please share in the comment.


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