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List of Concrete Finishing Tools

Not all concrete works need surface finishing. Such as footing top surface, column top and RCC wall top etc.

Most of concrete works need surface finishing. Such as slab, patio, drive way and side-walk, etc.

We use various types of tool to finish the concrete surface. Below is a list of concrete finishing tools.

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List of Concrete Finishing Tools

Tools required to finish concrete surface -

  • Float
  • Trowel
  • Striking tool
  • Darby
  • Stiff broom
  • Vibrator, etc.

Float: Different types of float are used to finish concrete surface. Such as bull float and wooden float. To apply initial finish in large surface area bull float is used. Wooden float is used to make the concrete surface smooth.

Trowel: Different types of trowel are used for different purpose in concrete finishing. Such as - finishing trowel, Jointing or grooving trowel and edging trowel.

Finishing trowel: It is used to give a final touch on fresh concrete surface.

Jointing or grooving trowel: Jointing trowel is used to make control joint in concrete.

Edging trowel: This type of trowel is used to give perfect finish to edges of concrete structure.

Striking tool: For striking fresh concrete we use different types of tools. Such as strike-off board, Jitterbug, etc.

Strick-off board: It is also called straight-edge board. The name expresses its functions. It is used to initially level the freshly poured concrete by striking.

Jitterbug: Jitterbug is also called temper. We normally use temper to consolidate stiffed concrete mix. When fresh concrete is striked with this, it  settles coarse aggregate and brings fine aggregate to concrete surface.

Darby: It does same thing what bull float does. One difference is, bull float does it in large area and Darby does in small area.

Stiff broom: Not all concrete finishing need stiff broom. If you need to make concrete surface scratched for any reason then it will help you to do that.

Vibrator: I wouldn't like to call it concrete finishing tool. But it helps to finish concrete easily.

The list of concrete finishing tools discussed in this post I commonly use in my various construction projects. If you use different types of tools please share in the comment.


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