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Grill Work Checklist

Grill is considered as finishing material in civil construction world. It is normally used in window, door, balcony, etc of a building. Grill is mainly used for safety purpose. It also increases the aesthetic view of the portion.

Before and during fixing grill we should check grill and grill works properly to make that defect less.

Here is a checklist for grill work -

Checking before fixing grill -

When we receive grill from supplier or make that on site, we should check the following things carefully -

Grill alignment: Grill is normally made with mild steel. Based on architectural design, it can be square solid bar, square hollow bar, round solid bar, round hollow bar or flat bar of different sizes. Those bars are welded together in workshop to give designed size and shape of grill.

Check the alignment of those welded bar. The vertical bars should be truly vertical and the horizontal bars should be truly horizontal.

Smoothness of joints: Check the smoothness of welded bar joints. Check grinding is done properly so that welded portions are smooth and clear.

Welding quality: Check the quality of welding and the welding is done all around the joint.
Primer in grill: Check grills are painted with red oxide/alkarim primer.

Check during fixing grill-

Check the following things carefully when grill is being fixed.

Grill alignment with wall: Keep the grill aligned with periphery wall.

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Grill alignment of different floors: Check all the grill of same positions in different floors are aligned with one another.

If I missed anything about grill checking in this post, please share in comments...

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  1. Hello,
    With respect to "Check grinding is done properly so that welded portions are smooth and clear", how it can be achieved ? Can we achieve this using angle grinding machines ? How small corners ( where angle grindng machine can not reach ) can be grinded ?