7 Key Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager

It is said that engineers can never be good managers. Now situation has been changed. Many awesome and eye-catching projects all around the world prove that engineers can not only be engineer, but they can also be good manager.

Construction project manager(CPM) is a key person of any construction project. The success of any construction project mostly depend on the success of CPM. He/she starts his work before the project starts.

Depending on employer, CPM may be a degree engineer with some years of experience.

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7 Key Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager

Although the responsibilities of a CPM are huge, I shorted out following 7 key responsibilities -

  1. Planning
  2. Managing project team
  3. Managing project budget
  4. Risk management
  5. Cost management
  6. Quality management
  7. Time management

Planning: Planning starts even before the starting of project. This phase is very important. Successfully completion of a project and success of a project manager mostly depend on this phase. In this phase a CPM selects the source of materials, source of necessary equipments, justify the sub-contractors, choose the project team, prepare project's budget, calculate project's risk, etc.

Managing project team: CPM choose project team in planning phase. But his responsibilities doesn't end with that. Construction project manager should constantly develop his team by providing related training, motivation and guideline in order to get most output from them.

Managing project budget: One of the most important responsibility of a CPM is to meet the project budget. Successful project completion means, finishing the project within budget. For this purpose, a CPM should constantly review the cost of project weekly, monthly or quarterly basis or when needed.

Risk management: Risk management is the most difficult part of project management. A CPM calculates the project risks before starting the project though, there are many critical risks can arise during project's life cycle. To mitigate these risks without hampering the project's progress is another key responsibility of a construction project manager.

Cost management: Don't mix cost management with budget management. Although budget management depends on cost management, both are different things. Suppose building materials price now is lower in the market than the time of preparing budget. That doesn't mean you can waste materials as you wish. So, cost management is the procedure of choosing best quality materials with lowest possible price and using them with minimum possible wastage. But cost management is not only limited to this. I'll write more about this later here in ACE.

Quality management: Construction project manager is completely responsible for quality of the project. To ensure quality works, a CPM sometimes supervise project, train up his team members and worker at regular basis.

Time management: Success of a CPM mostly depend on the successfully handed-over a project in time. Increased life-cycle of a project will increase the cost of project and will arise many disputes over time.

As I described above, responsibilities of a construction project manager aren't limited to these. But the success of a construction project manager mostly depend on these 7 key responsibilities.


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