Responsibilities of a Construction Supervisor

In a simple sentence, a construction supervisor is an employee who supervises the overall construction project. But his responsibilities are not only limited to site supervising. He is an important person for a construction project and his responsibilities are huge from starting to finishing of a project.

Qualification of a supervisor varies employer to employer. The responsibilities imposed on him also vary depending on qualification. It can be high school passed or diploma holder or degree engineer. So, obviously, the responsibilities can't be same for both diploma holder and degree holder.

However, we can outline the responsibilities of a construction supervisor into following two categories -

construction supervisor responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Construction Supervisor

* Operational Responsibilities
* Managerial Responsibilities

Operational Responsibilities
It includes the following responsibilities:

Quality Control: Site supervisor is responsible for maintaining overall quality of a construction project. He will ensure the work is done as per standard construction procedures.

Implementing policies: Construction supervisor is responsible to implement company policies, government policies and other policies related to construction.

Maintaining construction schedule: Construction supervisor is responsible for timely-finish task according to schedule. He will distribute duties among stuffs. Review the schedule weekly or monthly and take necessary steps if target isn't acheived.

* Managerial Responsibilities
It includes the following responsibilities:

Managing staff members: Supervisor will evaluate staff members, train up them and ensure more output from them.

Reporting: He has to report timely to project manager about project progress.

Client handling: A supervisor will briefly describe about the project to client when he visits the project. He'll fulfill client's query.

Sub-contractor handling: By evaluating sub-contractors, a supervisor will select sub-contractor and assign tasks. He will continually monitor sub-contractors performance and make them understand company policy and operating procedure.

Cost controlling: Identifying variances and reducing wastage by effective management, a supervisor will controll the cost of a project and thus meet the project budget.

Maintaining work environment: By following and enforcing standard procedures and regulations, he'll keep the work environment secure, safe and healthy.


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