7 Preliminary Works to Do Before Starting Construction Project

Plot is selected. Architectural drawings are ready and approved. Structural drawings are ready and approved. All the paper works have been completed properly with government agencies. All the agreements with land owner, contractors and stack holders are completed. Now it's time to start construction.

Before starting construction we have to do some preliminary works which are sometimes called mobilization. These works are very important to smoothly run the future stages of construction.

I pointed out 7 preliminary works to do before starting a construction project.

7 preliminary works to do before starting construction

Cleaning: Remove jungle from plot area. If there is any tree in the buildup area, un-rooted them completely. And remove from the plot area.

Levelling: Throughly level the ground. If there is any hole in the ground fill up that properly. Remove excess soil from the plot or fill up the plot by imported soil to take the ground to desired level, if required.

Fencing: Now plot area is cleaned and levelled. It is time to secure the plot area. It can be done by making permanent boundary wall or temporary fencing around plot. Temporary fencing is the more common way. Builder logo or company logo can be setup with fencing for branding. Also, safety signboard can be attached with fence.

Site office: Site office can be temporary or fixed depending on situation. If there is any driver's waiting room or visitor's waiting room or guest waiting room to build later then build that first to use as site office. But that is exceptional. The common practice in this case is temporary site office. You can make it with CI sheet and bamboo or you can use porta cabin as a temporary site office. You should make a toilet which is separated from labour's toilet as you will have many vip clients and visitors during construction period.

Store: The most essential thing in any construction site is store. To keep safe various building materials from un-wanted damage or stolen, make a store before starting construction. Make a separate store for cement because that are huge quantities and that are quickly affected by weathering impact. So the cement store should be protected from weather effect, specially from water.

Labour shed: It is common practice for bangladesh and india that, workers, who work in the construction project stay at site. For them a shed should be made at site with essential facilities like water and power supply and sanitation. Some construction companies have permanent labour accomodation, so they don't need to make shed at site.

Utility connection: As civil construction needs continuous power and water supply, so ensure them first. For water supply, you can connect to city's water supply line, or you can install a deep tubewell. For electricity connection, connect to city's power supply line, or you can keep a generator at site.

One thing should be remembered during placing toilet. Footing of structure often extend beyond floor area. So, during placing toilet, consider footing location so that you don't have to face problem during footing work.

We always facing problem with site office placement due to plot area shortage.

How do you select place for site office? Please share in comment section.


  1. every area/site has its own constraints.
    one proposal is

    1. place a container office or rent a place nearby for some time.
    2. After that move into ground floor or basement floor once scaffolding has been removed. better access and monitoring of the project.

  2. good workable ...m enjoying learning

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  4. you forget one thing..road access to deliver on site..earth drain also..