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Considering points During Placing Beam Reinforcement

Placing beam reinforcement need some practical knowledge and some theoretical knowledge. A designer designs the beam perfectly. As a construction professional we need to be cautious during beam reinforcement placement. It needs some technical knowledge.

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Followings are the considerations during placing beam reinforcement -
Outside beam reinforcement should be within column reinforcement. Beams which are in periphery of slab, should be applied this rule on. See the image below-
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Lap location: Top bar lapping of beam should be on middle half of beam. Bottom bar lapping should be within "L/4" length of beam from support. But try to avoid lapping as far as possible.

Beam stirrups: During placing beam reinforcement, there is a possibility of displacing stirrups of beam. So, after placing beam reinforcement in position, make sure the stirrups are straight.

Beam and column junction: It is always suggested by structural engineers to put column stirrups within beam and column junction. So, place those before downing the beam reinforcement. Because it's almost impossible to provide column ring after completing beam reinforcement.

These are the most important points (most of us often forget these in time) to remember during placing beam reinforcement.

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