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Types of Paint Finishes

After drying paint work we can see various degree of shiny/glossy effect on paint film. There is a tool, named Glossymeter, available in the market to measure this effect of paint finish. Considering this effect, paint finishes can be divided into four main categories.

Types of Paint Finishes

Types of Paint finishes

Main four types of paint finishes are -

  • Matt Finish
  • Satin Finish
  • Semi-Glossy Finish and
  • Glossy Finish

Matt Finish: This paint finish has the lowest glossy effect. If we measure this paint finishes with Glossy-meter at 60 degree angle we will get the reading below 5. This type of finish is also called Matte finish.

Satin Finish: This type of paint finish has silk like glossy effect. This finish gives a soft glow on painted surface. It is more durable than Matt finish and has wash-ability. The Glossy-meter reading of this paint finish is between 6 to 20. This type of finish also called Egg-Shell finish but sometimes it is categorized as different type that I'll discuss end of this article.

Semi-Glossy Finish: The glossy effect of this paint finish is more than Satin Finish. It is fairly shiny and the Glossy-meter reading of this finish type is between 20 to 70. It is very durable and appropriate for high traffic and moisture area.

Glossy Finish: With more than 70 Glossy-meter reading this type of paint finish has excellent glossy effect. This is most durable paint finish. And it also has the high wash-ability.

Beside these four types of paint finishes many paint companies also refer following types of finishes -

Flat finish: Although this type of paint finish is sometimes used synonymously with Matt finish, it has no shiny effect at all. It also doesn't have wash-ability. And durability of this paint finish much less than others. That's why it should be used in less important area.

Egg-shell finish:
Actually it is satin finish. But some paint companies divide less glossy effect Satin finish as Egg-shell.

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