Types of Formwork Material

As we described here in "ACE", Formwork is a temporary construction used as a concrete mould. "Formwork" and "shuttering", these two words are often used for same meaning. But "shuttering" actually is a part of making formwork.

Concrete Formwork
Varieties of materials used for making concrete formwork depending on availability of material, economical consideration etc. Formwork can be made using one type of material or combining different types of material.

“Types of Formwork Material”
Below are the common types of formwork material used in concrete construction:
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Plywood
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Fabric, etc.
Timber: Timber is a popular formwork material. It has been using from ancient age. We can make concrete formwork using only timber or combining timber with other types of formwork material. Timber is light weight, easy to fix and remove. It's also economical and available in different sizes.

Steel: Steel formwork materials are costly. But it has many times re-usability. It's mainly useful for construction company where repeated uses are possible. Steel formwork materials give excellent finishes to concrete surface. Wide variety of steel formwork materials are available in the market for various purpose of uses. See the "List of Steel Shutter Materials".

Plywood: Plywood is an artificially manufactured wooden material used for making concrete formwork. It is strong, durable and light weight. The availability of different thickness plywood in the market makes it popular for different sizes concreting work. The thickness range of plywood is, from 7 mm to 32 mm. The standard size of plywood mostly used in building construction is 1220 x 2440 mm. It can easily be cut into any size.

Aluminium: Aluminium formwork is getting popular in construction industry. It is easy to fix and remove thus increase worker productivity. It is also many times re-useable.

Plastic: As per experts, depending on the plastic quality, it can be used up to 100 times. The core advantage of this is, it is super lightweight, easy to handle and stack.

Fabric: This is the latest addition to concrete formwork sector. For RCC construction and architectural design work, this is an emerging technology. The flexibility of this material makes it possible to produce concrete at any shape.

Beside these, there are some other materials used for making concrete formwork. Such as, masonry, hardboard, concrete itself. Masonry formwork is used where small concreting work will be done. Sometimes, concrete itself also used as a formwork i. e making small pre-cast RCC members. Whichever material you use for making concrete formwork, the basic of making formwork is same.

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  1. Yes, it's true that the term formwork also called shuttering. As we all knows that shuttering material are widely used for concrete moulding a temporary constructions of building or flyover etc. It is the safest way for any construction site to complete huge project with an ease.

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