How to make concrete formwork for column with steel shutter

If you want to use concrete formwork for one time then it is better to use timber as a shuttering materials. If you want to use a formwork for many times then “steel shutter materials” is best.
Before we shared "how to make concrete formwork for slab using steel shutter materials”. In this article, we are going to discuss "how to make column formwork with steel shutter". And it is easy to make.

How to make concrete formwork for column with steel shutter

First, make 6" high column kicker so that formwork can be fixed easily. It also prevent cement slurry leakage through bottom of formwork. You can make column kicker with wooden formwork or with steel formwork as you like.
Remove the kicker form next day. In this time, finish the column's reinforcement works. And also combine the two sides of column shutter separatly. Use foam between side's joint to prevent cement slurry leakage.
Column formwork
Foam is wrapped with kicker

After removing kicker form, wrap a piece of foam around column kicker with glue so that cement slurry doesn't penetrate from formwork. See above image how foam is wrapped.
Now start fixing jointed column sides (which we did before) with kicker. Now tighten the nut-bolts properly.
Give support to column with steel props and turn bolts.
Make the column truly vertical by tightening and loosing the props and turn bolts. Check the column is straight and diagonaly correct.
Remember one thing here that we'll pour only half portion of column because we don't want low quality column by putting concrete from too high. For this purpose we make one column side of 5 feet high. Other 3 sides of column shutter, we make up to beam bottom level.
column formwork with steel shutter
Support is given to column formwork

After pouring first portion of column, we just lift the 5 feet column side up to beam bottom level and fix that for pouring next portion of column.
Someone use only 5 feet high column side for all four sides of column. But I will recommend to use only one 5 feet high column side and other 3 side of column formwork should be up to beam bottom level to increase the worker productivity. Because if you make all four column sides 5 feet high then you have to fix all four sides again for pouring 2nd portion of column. That is more time-consuming.
In some other countries, I saw, they pour the full height column concrete at a time. That I don't recommend because it increase the possibility of concrete segregation.

How do you make concrete formwork for column. Please share your ideas in comment……


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