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Structural Drawing Sheet Titles in Building Construction

Some time ago, we published an article about "Types of drawing in building construction". In another post, we show the "Architectural drawing sheet titles in building construction". Like that, Structural drawing also contains various sheets of different names. Today we are going to share about this.

Structural Drawing Sheet Titles in Building Construction

Structural Drawing
Below are the common sheet titles prepared for building construction: 
  • Content sheet 
  • Structural Notes 
  • Column layout 
  • Column schedule 
  • Footing layout 
  • Footing details
  • Grade Beam layout
  • Grade Beam details
  • Staircase
  • Under Ground Water Tank
  • Septic tank
  • Lift core
  • Beam and Slab layout
  • Beam details
  • Slab reinforcement 
  • Over Head Water Tank, etc.
Content Sheet: This sheet contains other sheet titles and their page number in it. Page number is mentioned as ST1, ST2, ST3... like this in structural drawing.
Structural Notes: There are two or three sheets are prepared under this title. Structural designer describes essential notes for different structural parts of building in these sheets.
Column Layout: This sheet shows column location and placement related to building's grid line. Architectural drawing also hold this sheet. If there is any wrong measurement between these sheets than architectural drawing is given priority.
Column Schedule: Column schedule shows the column section and reinforcement details and their placement.
Footing Layout: This drawing sheet shows the footing/pile cap layout. It also shows the column placement on footing.
Footing details: More than one sheets are prepared for this purpose. These sheets contain the footing section and placement of reinforcement of footing or pile cap. Sometime, footing size and reinforcement details shown in footing section. But more often separate sheet is used to show the footing size and reinforcement details.
Grade Beam Layout: In some other countries grade beam is called tie beam. In Bangladesh, we call it grade beam. Grade Beam layout contains the location and placement of Grade Beam.
Grade Beam details: This sheet shows the Grade Beam section and reinforcement details and their placement.
Staircase: This sheet shows stair plan, section, reinforcement details and their placement. If one sheet is not sufficient than another sheet is prepared for properly showing staircase.
Under Ground Water Tank: If require, more than one sheets are prepared for this purpose. These sheets show UGWT plan, section and reinforcement details and their placement.
Septic tank: Plan and section of septic tank are shown in this sheet.
Lift core: This sheet contains the plan, section and reinforcement detailing of lift core. Normally one sheet is prepared for this purpose.
Beam and Slab layout: Separate sheet is prepared for different floor. These sheets display the beam placement with related to column. It also shows the slab outline. Sometimes, it shows the slab outline measurement but most of the time it doesn't show any measurement. In that situation we depend upon architectural sheets for measurement.
Beam details: More than one sheet is prepared for this purpose. These sheets show beam's cross-section and longitudinal section and details of reinforcement.
Slab reinforcement: This sheet describes details slab reinforcement and their placement. Several sheets are normally prepared for properly showing slab reinforcement of different floor.
Over Head Water Tank: Like UGWT this sheet shows the OHWT's plan, section and reinforcement details.
Some other drawing sheets also prepared under this type of drawing as required for construction. Such as, for parapet, drop wall and other RCC design work several sheets are prepared for properly executing construction works.

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  1. plz post steel placement detailing of beam, column, slab ( crank & straignt bar sytem ) and footing,