Location of electrical appliances in residential building

Electrical appliances are those small home appliances which are used to get controlled output from electricity supply. Such as electrical switches, electrical power points, lights etc.
level of electrical appliance
Electrical Fixture
 We maintain a standard level/height for electrical appliances in residential building for user convenient. This level may vary in different countries. Here in Bangladesh, we follow the followings- 

Standard level for various electrical appliances:

Tube light: Let's start with light. Bottom of tube light holder in rooms, we keep at 7'-6" from finished floor level and it is 6'-6" in bath/toilet. If there is a mirror in bath/toilet then it will be on top of mirror.

Switch board: Bottom level of switch board is at 4'-6" from finished floor level.

Switch: Combined switch Bottom level of window AC is 5'-0" from finished floor.
Switch of split AC is kept at Switch Board level or at skirting level which is suitable.
Geyser switch will be at Switch Board level.

Power point: power points are often called socket. We use two types of sockets in residential building – 2-pin socket and 3 pin socket. Which socket is used for what - you know it yourself.
We normally put 2-pin socket at switch board. We also put a 2-pin socket at skirting level (1' from finished floor) for television power supply.
We maintain different level for different purpose for 3-pin socket. For general purpose, we put 3-pin socket at 1' level, for kitchen hood at 6' from finished floor level and for micro oven at 1' from kitchen work-top.

Calling bell: We put Calling bell at 7'-6" height from finished floor level.

Exhaust fan: We install Exhaust fan under false slab in toilet. Since we maintain 7'-0" height for false slab bottom so we can say exhaust fan top-level in toilet/bath will be at 7'-0" from finished floor level.
We don't make false slab in kitchen so the bottom level of exhaust fan will be at 7'-6" from finished floor.

Window AC: Bottom level of window AC is 5'-0" from finished floor if no beam interrupts. If beam interrupts that will be at beam bottom level.

Split AC: Indoor unit bottom level of split AC is 7'-9" from finished floor.

Wall bracket: Bottom of wall bracket, we keep at 7'-6" height from finished floor level.

SDB (sub distribution board) box: We keep top of SDB box at 7'-0" height from finished floor.

Intercom: We maintain 4'-6" level from finished floor for intercom set. That means it's at switch board level.

Others: We also maintain some other standards for electrical appliances. Such as; Distant between TV power point & Internet power point is 6".
Horizontal Distant between Dish Antenna line & TV power point
is 6".
Horizontal Distant between internet line & internet power point is 6" etc.

This standard level isn't unchangeable. It can be changed as per owner or client's requirement.

I know you are thinking that this blog is for civil engineers. Then why this electrical post is here! As a professional civil engineer, we often need to work on finishing project and to know this standard level is essential for finishing residential projects properly.


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