Types of drawing used in building construction

Different drawing is prepared for different purpose. Such as working drawing is prepared for construction project, drawing for approval is prepared for submitting to government agencies to approve and approved drawing is finally supplied to construction site.
Here we are discussing on construction drawings. It's also called working drawing. After review, justification and modification in various stages the drawing is approved for construction. Construction drawing should have detail measurement and clear section of every part of building. For this purpose different types of drawing used in building construction.

types of construction drawing 

Below are the common types of drawing used in building construction -

  • Architectural drawing
  • Structural drawing
  • Plumbing & sanitary drawing
  • Electrical drawing
  • Finishing drawing etc.
Architectural drawing: This type of drawing gives a complete view of building. It describes the location of a building and where to place every parts of building etc. It holds many other drawing sheets of different names. Such as plan, elevation, section etc.

Structural drawing: Its name describes about it. It explains everything about structure such as strength of different part of structure, structural material, placement, grade and size of reinforcement etc. It also contains many other different named drawing sheets inside it.

Plumbing and sanitary drawing: This type of drawings show the location of sanitary and water supply piping and fixture and how to connect every fixture etc.

Electrical drawing: This kind of drawings describe the location and details of electrical wiring, fixtures and sub-station etc. It also shows the electrical load calculation.

Finishing drawing: It includes all drawing about finishes and out looking of building such as tiles, marble granite etc. Sometimes this type of drawing included with architectural drawing.

As far as I know there are no fixed rules about how the drawings are categorized in construction. Yet the drawings are categorized for work convenience.

Did you find any other type of drawing in building construction? Please share your experience.


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    Drawing begins with interpretation of specifications. Assume a Space Agency needs to buy another mentality control framework. From preparatory studies http://thisreals.com/drawing-begins-with-interpretation-of-specifications.php

  2. Detail drawings show a small part of the construction at a larger scale, to show how the component parts fit together. They are also used to show small surface details, for example decorative elements.

  3. Location map is a Key plan to approach there, where any work related to engineering to be execute .....

  4. Location map is a Key plan to approach there, where any work related to engineering to be execute .....

  5. what about
    shop drawings & as-built drawings