Checklist of Slab form work

No matter which type of shutter material you use for making concrete form work, the main purpose of concrete form work is same that is temporary support cast in situ concrete including all live load. So the purpose of checking form work is that the form is capable enough to carry the load till concrete gets desired strength. Another purpose of concrete form is to give hardened concrete a shape without loosing its quality.
Although purposes of concrete form work is constant yet form work checklist is different for different shuttering materials used in concrete form.
Here I'm sharing a checklist for a particular concrete form which we made in previous post "How to make slab form work using only steel shutter material".
Concrete form work checklist

Checklist of concrete form work for slab-

  • Check the centre-to-centre distance of props below 3 feet.
  • Check Steel props are properly tightened.
  • Check props are truly vertical.
  • Check scaffolding spacing is not more than 4 feet.
  • Small runner spacing is not more than 1 feet.
  • Check two inches over lapping is provided between plain sheet joint.
  • Check sheet joint are placed directly over small runner.
  • Check foam is used in every shutter joint to prevent water leakage. 
  • Check every plain sheet joint is made leakage proof by masking tape. 
  • Check Inside of form properly cleaned. 
  • Check oil is applied to form. 
  • Check no excess oil is available inside form. 
  • Check the slab level in all direction. 
  • Check horizontal bracing is used around periphery. 
  • Check no plain sheet slipped into beam. 
  • Check beams are straight and placed in position as per drawing. 
  • Check nut-bolt/shutter clip is fixed or tightened in every shutter hole. 
  • At last check the form work dimension as per architectural drawing.
Dear reader I made this list from my practical experience. I welcome you to share your experience.


  1. Great effort Friend! All the vital info is described sequentially.

  2. Is the spacing what you mentioned is the minimum or maximum?

  3. Awesome! The main purpose of formwork is to act as a temporary support for any construction buildings and houses until it strengthens the desired foundation and design of the building being created. Highly experienced project managers are capable of managing complex and unconventional scaffolding projects. They use checklists to make sure that everything is well planned. I met such great project managers and workers right here at www.uni-span.com.au.