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Type of portland cement

portland cement
Portland cement is widely used building material in construction industry. As per ASTM, portland cements are five types. These types are based on their rate of hydration and sulfate resistant properties.
The cement types are:
Type I
Type II
Type III
Type IV
Type V

A short description of every types are given below-

Type I: This is the general purpose cement. Normally this type of cement is used for general construction purpose such as bridge, building and precast construction.

Type II: Moderate sulfate resisting cement. This type of cement used where there is a possibility of sulfate attack to concrete. Such as sub structure. Type I and Type II almost same based on their properties.

Type III: This type of cement is high early strength cement and useful during cold weather concreting where quick strength gain is factor. This Type produce more heat than type I.

Type IV: Low heat of hydration. The name of this type of cement clears that it produce less heat during hydration process thus useful for hot weather concreting. This type of cement is also useful for producing large quantity of concrete.

Type V: High sulfate resistance cement. This type of cement is used where there is a possibility to contact high sulfate with concrete. The rate of hydration of this type of cement is slower than Type I.

These types of portland cement is produced by controlling percentage of constituents of cement. I will discuss about the constituents of various types of cement someday on this blog.

There are also other three type of cement which are produced by mixing air entraining agent with particular type of cement. Such as Type IA, Type IIA and Type IIIA.

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  1. Also you can call with name Low Heat Cement-Expanding Cement-White Cement.. Types of cement