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Common problems of concreting and how to avoid them

For producing high quality concrete you should take control of problems which are commonly occurred during concreting. These problems mainly happen for improper mixing, placing and handling. Some problems also happen due to weather effect and other reasons. These problems have major impact on strength and duration of concrete First you should know about  the common problems of concreting. The common problems are:
  • Segregation
  • Bleeding
  • Shrinkage cracking
  • Dusting
  • Laitance
  • Scaling, etc.
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Stones - Ingredients, characteristics and their uses as building material

As a construction professional you should know about the different kind of building materials and their ingredients, uses and characteristics so that you can ensure the proper selection of materials for the particular work. This article will describe the composition, characteristics and uses of various kinds of stones.
Marble: Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock. Click to see theTypes of rock”. Marble is composed of calcite or dolomite. The specific gravity of marble is 2.7 to 2.85 and compressive strength is 550 to It’s available in variety of colors like yellow, black, green, blue, white and red.
Uses: Marble is used as basin counter top, kitchen cabinet top, in stair case and hall as flooring tiles, as table slabs, titled floor, stair steps, face work and as paving stone. It is also suitable for statuary, architectural and decorative purposes.
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