How to mix concrete by mixture machine

If the quantity of concrete is not much enough to do with ready mix and is not less enough to do with hand mixing then mixture machine is used to mixing concrete. It is convenience to use mixture machine for mixing small quantity of concrete. Producing concrete with mixture machine is much faster than hand mixing. Normally the capacity of mixture machine is 4 to 9 cubic feet of concrete. Mixture machine can be bought or rented.
below are the overview of mixing concrete by machine-
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How to plaster on surface

Plaster is a mixture of sand and cement with water. 1:4 or 1:6 ratio of cement-sand is mixed for making plastering mortar. 1:4 cement-sand mortar is used for plastering masonry surface and 1:6 cement-sand mortar is used for RCC surface plastering. The thickness of plaster on surface is ranging from 12mm to 25mm depending on the surface condition.

Purpose of plastering:
Plaster is used for covering the rough surface of RCC and masonry work to obtain a smooth, even, regular, clean and durable surface and with the object of improving the resistance of the surface to rain water penetration and atmospheric influences.

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Types of Rock

It is very important for an engineer, a contractor and may be an architect to become conversant thoroughly with different types of building materials, their properties and their uses for different purposes. The correct uses of materials result in better structural strength, functional efficiency and esthetic appearance.
Building stones are obtained from rocks occurring in nature.
So, as a part of a series of different types of building materials, their properties and purposes of their uses, today I’m going to share the types of rock.
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