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Wood based product as construction material

The simple information about wood based product we most commonly use in civil construction.

Veneers: The high quality timbers such as oak, mahogany, maple, cherry etc, are used to make veneers. The thickness of veneer is 0.40mm to 8mm. these are used to make batten boards, laminated boards & plywood. It is also used for cabinet remodelling.

Plywood: Plywood is prepared from the veneers or the thin layers of wood glued together. Plywood is widely used building materials. This is used as door, partition, ceiling, furniture, concrete formwork etc. Plywood is more inexpensive & flexible than plain wood. It is also re-usable. The other benefit of using plywood instead of plain wood is, it is crack & shrinkage resistance.

Fibre board: The fibre boards are hard and non flexible. These boards are also called pressed wood or reconstructed wood. The length varies from 12m to 18m  and width from 3m to 4.5m. The thickness of these boards varies from 3mm to 12mm. these boards are widely used in construction such as concrete form work, internal finishes of rooms, partition wall, flooring material and also used to prepare flush doors. These are also used as insulating materials.
Impreg timber: If timber is covered with resin that is called impreg timber. The timber can be partially covered or fully covered. This kind of timber is used for decorative purpose.
Compeg timber: The making process of compeg timber is same as impreg timber. Only one difference is the curing process of compeg timber. The curing is done under pressure. This kind of timber is more durable than impreg timbers.


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