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Simple process to make “Brick flat soling” (BFS)

Constructing process of "Brick flat soling" is simple. Any one can do it with a little knowledge. Brick flat soling (BFS) is done to make the concrete bed smooth. The laying of bricks on top of the earth or sand bed is brick flat soling.

Brick flat soling is normally applied to foundation and ground floor level.

Procedure of BFS:
  • First of all, compact the surface by hand rammer and sprinkling water.

  • Lay the bricks on surface so that they contact with each other. And keep the frog mark upwards.

  • Make the brick joints in the subsequent row of bricks in English bond pattern. Joints should not be in the same line. Use broken bricks (if any) at edge of the area.

  • Fill the gaps or joints among the bricks with sand. The minimum FM of sand should be 0.50. Use brush to properly fill the joints with sand. Don’t use water for flushing sand to fill the gaps.

  • Finally check the finish surface is levelled both longitudinally and transversely.

Do you use Brick Flat Soling below footing?
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