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How to mix concrete by hand (hand-mixing concrete)

Now-a-days, Ready-mix concrete is used most of the time. Where Ready-mix concrete is not applicable, mixture machine is used for mixing concrete. Sometimes we need to mix less quantity of concrete for various purposes by hand. So, it is good to know how to mix concrete by hand.

Procedure of mixing concrete by hand (hand mixing)
It is better to make a water tight & firm masonry platform before mixing concrete ingredients. If you already have one that’s nice.
  • Spread the measured quantity of sand evenly on platform.
  • Dump the required quantity of cement on sand and spread evenly.
  • Mix the sand & cement thoroughly with spade until it is of even color & free from streaks.
  • Spread the measured quantity of coarse aggregate in another place of platform and spread the sand-cement mixer on it.
  • Thoroughly mix the whole mass at least 3 times by shovelling & turning over by twist from centre to side then back to the centre and again to the sides.
  • Make a hollow in the middle of the mixed materials.
  • Add ¾ of required water and turn the materials from side to centre with spade.
  • Add the remaining water by a water-can and slowly turn the whole mixture over & over again until the whole surface of each aggregate become coated with sand-cement mortar & the mixture become plastic to give a uniform concrete.
While mixing & handling the concrete, hand gloves & safety shoes should be worn by labours & masons.
After using the concrete the mixing platform should be cleaned properly.

What next:
For which reason/reasons do you use hand-mixing concrete?


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