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All about Paint

Paint is one of the few home improvement material that can instantly transform a space from distressed into clean and consistent finish or even turn a dark space into a lively and bright one. Furthermore, Paint can make a surface easier to wash and more abrasion-resistant. It also provides protection to siding, trim and other painted finished from weather damage.

 Function of paint in building:
¨      Surface protection of building materials and components
¨      Surface decoration of building materials and components

Ingredients of paint:

The actual composition of any paint can be complex but the basic components are:
¨      Binder
¨      Pigment
¨      Solvents and Thinners

Description of Ingredients:

Binder is the liquid vehicle or medium which dries to form the surface film. This can be composed of linseed oil, drying oils, synthetic resins and water. The main function of a binder is to provide a means of spreading the paint over the surface and at the same time acting as a binder to the pigment. Linseed oil, tung oil or alkyd resins are the primary binders for oil-base paints and 100% acrylic or vinyl acrylic are the binders for water-base paint.

Pigment provides the body, colour, durability and corrosion protection properties of the paint. The most important pigment is titanium. The other important inorganic pigments are carbon black and iron oxide. Clay and silica are also used as pigments.

Solvents and Thinners can be added to a paint to alter its viscosity. They act as a carrier for the binders and pigments. Oil-based paints use thinner as a solvent and water-based paints use water as primary solvent.

Types of Paint

Most commonly used paints are
¨      Oil -Based Paints (alkyd)
¨      Water-Based Paints (latex)


Oil-based paint takes about 8 to 24 hours to dry. It provides excellent adhesion and can be used on most materials. It can be cleaned with turpentine, paint thinner or other solvent.
Water-based paint is easy to use and takes 1 to 6 hours to dry. It can be used on wood, concrete, stucco, brick, galvanized metal, vinyl siding and aluminium siding etc. Water-based paint is the best for interior walls and ceilings and exterior siding and trim. It can be cleaned with soap and water.

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